Defend Your Castle (Full)

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If you've played the BETA, get ready for more enemies, more buildings, and more challenge!

Pick up the stick and throw 'em to keep them away from your castle.
The stages become more difficult as you progress.

In order to save, you must have the latest Flash Player.

The reason you lose units when you finsih a level is UPKEEP.
There is a cost for each unit you have when you finish a level. You must have enough points left over from the LAST level to sustain the units you have when you finish the CURRENT level.

- Can no longer Right-Click and select 'Play' to pass level
- Fixed problem with sticks not appearing after viewing 'Help'
- Enable player to better click on sticks around collosus
- Fixed loss/reset of armor and mana when Loading saved game
- Stoppped Demolition Ninjas from killing enemies if they reach the wall
- Sped up countdown of Upkeep & Bonus Points
- Minor bug fixes


still much love

i remember being 14 when this first came out, and to me its still just as fun playing it as if it was brand new, dont like comments saying oh theres so much of these out and giving this a low rate, first of all this game is pretty much the granddaddy of the modern stick castle games so back off little kids that wasnt old enough to play this back in the day. love ur submissions keep these types of games alive... thanks for the good times to pass time.

brings memories

Brings me back my youth and the good times, anyway I am playing this game on my wii and it still is as awesome as ever although the wii version (in my opinion) is better this is a classic! :)

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10 for nostalgia

i remember playing this game back in middle school and never being able to beat it. Seems kind of easy now (have the 200 archers, 100 mages and 100 builders just autowinning everything)

not a particularly complex game, but for a submission from 2003, it hasn't aged badly.

Not, bad...

I gave this submission a C+, for a few reasons. 1.) When an author releases a "stick"-based game or movie into the portal, they have to realize that they are one among, literally, hundreds of different "stick"-based submissions, both in the vault and in the portal; whether it be a game, a gadget, a movie, or otherwise. My point is that when their submission that is part of such a wide-spread sub-genre, they have to make sure to take the time to make it kick some extra ass. Unfortunately, this particular game does not. 2.) Also, you have to have a certain amount of complexity to ANY stick based game in order to keep the player interested for extended periods of time. Now, while this particular submission has a certain amount of allure to it, it doesn't have enough complexity and depth to it to allow the player to want to keep playing or come back, for whatever reason. 3.) EVERY strategy-based flash game should have a certain element of "evolution" to it, especially defense-type games. This game, even if it does have an element of "evolution" to it, doesn't have the right amount of complexity to allow the "evolution" to shine through. Overall it was a good effort, though. It just needs some more work.

i had this for the wii

but on my laptop this is hard :S

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4.20 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2003
10:24 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily Feature June 9, 2003
  • Weekly 3rd Place June 11, 2003