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<7/20/03> After a abrupt unavoidable delay, Drag Racer v2 is ready for release in about 5 minutes. Hurray!

Expect New Release SOON. Like Tommorrow Soon. Most (If not all hopefully) glitches have been gone and over 60 cars are in this version including 2 Ferraris, Plymouth Baracuda, Nissan 300ZX and a McLaren F1 GT.

I'm really working hard on the new version now and you can even see the progress at phantomgames.net where i have a beta version of the newest version. Check it out if you can't wait otherwise youll have to wait for another week since I need some graphics from Holtom (Lancer EVO 7, Ferrari 360 Spyder, Saleen S7) and there are still some glitches to fix. More music is added but they'll be looped instead of the full song since other wise It may go over 5 MB. Right now its 1.2MB with music.

I guess I should take the fact that i was booted off the front page because too many people were playing the game as a compliment... Anyways, the update was delayed as the graphics are being re done for some of the cars as well as during the race. Also some new features are being added (Garage for storing cars, tuning options). Don't worry im pushing the update as fast as i can, and i plan to re-release it so that it can go on the front page again and stay there, as the file size will be under 1MB. Also, phantomgames.tk is down, so don't try it. Also I'll be making a official drag racer site so people will be able to download and view the game.

Wow.... the top 10... I guess I was expecting that but not this late after i released the game.
Anyways, Thanks for all who have posted glitches, they will be fixed in the new version coming this weekend hopefully. This version will include a completely new look, 10+ more cars (Including Ferrari, McLaren, Honda, Mini, Hummer) a story mode, and tuning options such as gear ratio and suspension.

Please wait for the preloader to appear, the flash movie has 256KB start lag.

Over 10 months in the making, the game is now released...

Drag Racer (c) 2003
by Phantom Games

Programming by Adam Telfer
Graphics by Mike Holtom, Adam Telfer
Testing Ben Foster, Evan Braybrook, Bryan Walmsley, Pat Priestley

This game features 28 liscenced cars from 12 different manufacturers. Here is the full list that is included :

Nissan Skyline R33,Skyline R34,350Z,S15 Silvia
Toyota Celica,Supra,SC430
Mitsubishi Eclipse, Lancer Evo VI, 2002 Eclipse
BMW M5,Z4,Z8
Honda S2000, Prelude
Mazda RX7, RX8
Subaru Impreza WRX
Hyundai Tiburon
Audi TT Quattro
Acura RSX,NSx
Porsche 911, Carrera GT
Dodge Viper, Viper SRT/10, '71 Charger

Each car can be customized, some more then others.

Here is what you can do:

Buy Car - Buy Your Car
Garage - Customize your car
Race - Race the Quarter Mile, 750m, 1000m against the computer to get money
Test - Test your car on a quarter mile strip
Store - Buy Performance Parts for your car (exhaust,intercoolers)
Show - Allows you to Take a picture of your car to show it off
Save/Load - Save/Load your car, can be loaded from any computer

Racing Controls :

Space : Gas, you can't change gears with the gas on
Up/Down : Change Gears, ^^

To use Nitrous Oxide, press the red button, when you have bought a canister from the Store.

You can also drag the gear shifter knob to the appropriate gear for a more manual-feel. But keep in mind you cant drag the knob with the Gas on.

This is beta, i need mass public testing to get the bugs out before I release it to the public. The Full Version will include a FMV Intro, you can save/load to the harddrive (don't worry I've figured out how to do this). as well as load in your own music into the flash movie. If this gets big enough, I will begin Programming Drag Racer Online, which you drag race people over the net!

-Adam Telfer
Phantom Games 2003


Awesome Game LoL

Check Out my Car and Money :D I love this game

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I love these games, this one especially. This game should stay up on the front page for a long time. Keep up the good work, kudos to you man.

Wheres the chevys!?

where are the chevys ??????? add a nova , camaro z28, corvette?!?!? cmon man , next update add these lettle bastards, and maybe some trucks, silverado? ram? other than that good game cept for the nos bug, after you used the whole nos is one round and you buy it , it will race, and you cant move, sound needs tweaking too

next update-----------------------
ADD CHEVYS-------------------------
Nova SS
Camaro Z28


cant wait for the full version.

One Hell of a game

havent lost a race yet but i proberly will....eve with 999 hp lol.... but a very good game epeicly with the dodge viper gts....keep up the good work...

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3.59 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2003
12:27 PM EDT
Sports - Racing
  • Daily 2nd Place June 8, 2003