j3n soundboard

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this is a soundboard i made of j3n.

she sounds freaking 4 in some of these. well, most.

she is hott.

make sure you watch the credits, it is half the fun.

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Cool game

the buttons could be larger and maybe even a larger view screen, So these soundboards are all a like in some ways this one was no different but you gave it some nice ideas here and you gave it some quality on top of that, its sound boards like this that I really like and enjoy because they bring a sense of quality to them, so nice job on this game.

the buttons could be larger and maybe even a larger view screen


Uh, who is j3n? This is a picture of Mai Shirauni. Well, she is really hot. I guess this had everything a soundboard should have. It's nice to see it so simplistic. I'm not into soundboards much.

Traditionally, they were used to make prank phone calls, but we have caller ID now. I guess just hearing this can be nice. I never used them for pranks anyway. Never got into that. This was still nice.

you should make a game with her in it

there isnt a game on new grounds for her


and your girlfriend is like 10 years old or so?

format responds:

I think shes 87


never wear headphones when playing this (mental note)...