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Troubles On Angel Island2

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'Troubles On Angel Island 2'
First off you'll all have to know that I'm not Putting all my time I have into Flashmovies... I'm More Interested in making Audio-Loops and submit them in the Audio-Portal.

This is the Second part of TOAI.
This one is Really short, I actually wanted to add the Battlescene in this SWF but the Filesize Jumped too Much with that scene!

(Yeah I know; There were Really 'Troubles' in the first 'TOAI'... It sometimes even crashed peoples computers, I'm so Sorry about that, while I didnt have any BIG troubles with the movie.)

PROBLEM: Each time when a frame introduced a new symbol, the file size for that frame jumped by about 2-3X.

How Can I fix this?
This is Very important for 'Part3'

Enjoy, ParagonX9


Hold on!!!

Hey. I liked the flash but what Sonic and Knuckles just did with Pikachu was absolutely uncalled for! What tha hell did Pikachu ever do to Sonic in the first place?! I mean? Why was Pikachu involved during the flight to Ryu and Ken? What happened to Pikachu was not called for and I am totally against Pokemon abuse! This submissions first episode was totaly better than this one! (even after poor Pikachu tried to make friends with Sonic) <proves Sonic and Knuckles are evil>

That was so funny.

I laughed so hard when the spike from the info bar got shoved into picachu's head. I had never though of that. And then, of course ITS PEANUT BUTTER JULLY TIME!!! Also I listen to your music a lot. My personal fav. is blue sky. Keep up the good work in both of them. And, no offense meant (please dont blow the wistle) , it seems your talent is in righting and in comming up with jokes when it comes to videos. But I'd like to see your hand drawn art maybe.

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Its peanut butter jelly time!

Really nice.

I liked the music that played at the story in the begining, could i ask what that was?

Finally somebody killed that stupid rat

Obiviously I have been waiting for the death of the pikachu (killing it with the status bar, can't get anymore creative). Anyway this was funnier than the first.

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3.96 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2003
6:33 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place June 6, 2003