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3 guys episode 2

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Yep, you read it, heres episode #2 for all you big fans of 3 guys :P theres another episode left, too.

Alright this movie will probably look very crappy to you and I'm not askin you to be nice. What I'm asking however is to include in your review if my loading thing worked, as I cannot verify it myself and it is useful info for me.
I'm French Canadian so you racist freaks can already blam me for this :P
I'm in sec 5 (last year before college) and we had a 7 mins of something to present as an english OP So being the shy nerds we are the 3 of us gathered and made voices to be later presented as a flash animation and I did all the graphical work. It IS crappy but it still took me 15 straight hours to pull it off, as this is only 1/3.5 of what we presented (theres 3 episodes and rather long credits.) We got the class's cheerful laugh and appreciation, and 13/20 because it contained too much sarcasm (go figure :P) anyway I'm submitting this without too much hope but if you guys like that crap theres 2 more uploadable episodes for you. btw the guy fighting the cowboy is my avatar :D

The music used here is Born to be alive from *someone* Hernandez, Intermission from Tool and The Metalisive Battle, from Kilu.

Yeah, we actually presented remixed rpg music and an interpretation of the Diablo II cows sound in front of a whole class, but then again, nerds found it funny and laughed knowingly, and jocks didnt know where the f00k this came from but laughed anyway, so its all good.

This episode is better than the last IMO



not bad but i lost 5 mins of my life

po pire mais cameme faite le en francais la prochaine foi

((( OK )))

Hmmm well ok, its a start is what i say, kinda large text, and might want to work on better loops like the scrolling backround which had the same old skull and tree just looping over and over, might want also work abit on the audio it seemed abit scrtachy, but it does have a decent amount of effort, so im sure your future works might be alot better...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Needs abit of work...


Plain great!

Lots of laughs, man!
Keep up the great work!
The people who flame this
piece of crappy art know
nothing about said crappy
art! Do not forget:
Practice makes purfect.


cant anyone buy a cheap 10$ sound effects cd? i mean even if its supposed to sound funny.. making them with your mouth sounds so lame.like a 5 year old actually.anyways keep trying im sure u will improve eventually.dont give up.


that made my head hurt. you owe me back a piece of my life that I can never get back....jerk!

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2.67 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2003
9:17 PM EDT
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