Absalom RPG 2

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Okay, it's out! This game is the sequel to the first Absalom, and continues where the first left off - if you haven't played the first game, you might want to visit it before you start this one. If you have played the first one, you can finally use the password that you got from it! If you played Absalom 1 but forgot your password, you can still play with a default party.

Absalom 2 features improved graphics, new combat options such as retreat and item usage, and the ability to get passwords to return to the game midway-through!

This game requires Flash 5 to play.

Mar 31, 2002: Why don't you go play the third game, 'Absalom Dungeon'?


A Great Game.......Cant wai't for part 3

yeah what i said above.

really good

really good but too hard and there needs to be more saves. i know ur not gonaa be changing a game u made 4 years ago but wutever. i couldnt beat it cause it was too hard. i gave up after losing to equity. didnt retry because there wasnt enough saves that i could find!!

Still waiting for part 3

When is coming out ?????

Best Password Pls.

Is there any password then IKTQOO+R?
I am stuck in the spade ruin thing. What am I suppose to do? I went to the deepest part of it but a dead end. What am I excatly suppose to do there? And say the garbage can. You should make that garbage thing can only be click 1 time. So annoying in it. Is there a way out of the Whitest town guy? And why is there a dead end in the ruin?

And the poppet thing look funny. Does it attack by using Emma attack? Or it do some other skill to? Something should be fix with it. Whenever I fight the poppet 5 time, It seem to have alot of skill.

Tail Lence(Poiseg)
Weak Lence(Poisen)
Strong Lence(Poisen)
Heal(90,000 Healed dmg)
Power Token(Give more power)

Is it suppose to happen?
I got kick ass by it.

Very good.

This is my current favorite game to play. The battle preperadness system is quite ingenious, with the cards and whatnot... but there needs to be more variety to the cards... not just 3-8... well, dosn't NEED to persay... I just think that there could be a cool way to impliment face cards and aces into the fray.
My only bad criticisim is the unavailability of past cards from one chapter to the other, (as many have said...) the weakness and basic unusefullness of Hiro's attacks, and the character of Hiro itself... for some reason I don't really like the guy... Maybe because he is a 'Club'?

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Jan 12, 2001
11:21 AM EST
Adventure - RPG