Final Hit: Part 1

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enjoy at your own risk




if it was supposed to be hillariously stupid!
i hope ur sequel is better (add gun noises!)

it was ok i guess

and to the folks who said that was Rap, its NOT rap music. but anywayz it didnt really go with the movie or whatever it was.

I'm sorry...

but this is just absolutely terrible. No self respecting Italian man would ever say mama mia, EVER! The accents sounded more like something a child or a Bush would use. Oh, and one last thing.....NEVER, EVERRRRRRRRR involve rap with a mafia theme or anything involving Italians EVER, it's insulting.


Dude,I hate giving out bad reviews,but to be frank,this animation is terrible.I didn't pick up on any sort of plot,the accents were horribly stereotyped (they're the reason I gave it a 10 in humor,and thats not a good thing),the (if any) cinematics made me almost fall to the ground laughing.If you're going to make a movie,pratice before you submit more movies.

This might be the first bad review I've given out,but it's only because you deserved it.I like any kind of movie that deals with Mobster's,but you made it so bad it sucked.The action sequence's were bland,and there was little to no animation AT ALL.

Oh yeah,and one other thing,do us all a favor and do not involve rap in Mafia film's.

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This didn't go anywhere. If you want to make a pointless movie, it should be realtively incoherent, not a mish-mash of crappy music and then animated to the music.

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2.36 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2003
4:53 PM EDT
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