Sonic the Pervert

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DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made game. It in no way reflects the wishes of Sega. It has had no part in making nor knowledge that it exists(i think). All of their Sonic games(as far as I know) are E-rated and are very likely to stay that way. Sega does not take responsiblity for this game (unless it wants to).

-I don't know how to speak like a lawyer, but I'm basically protecting Sega from anything having to do with this game that anybody would consider BAD. (Plus I don't feel like getting sued!)
Also the bulk of their fans are 18+ already, so it may create
interest in an unexplored market.


This game RulZ XD.

I must say that game rock's and if you add most of the stuff above this will have too hit the front page ^^.

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Yeowi responds:

Thanks alot, it's going to be alot of work alright. I was planning on sending the new one this sunday, but there is so much, it may take another week.


Funny, perverted , but coool. Also for the douchbag yodiggity7 just go to options and chose Never lose button or whatever it was just click the button next to the hard button and you never lose dumbass!

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Make another.....

I can't what for the next............yeah.

Yeowi responds:

Hello Thanks for the great review!
The next game may be made two weeks from now.

So i hope that isn't too long.
If you have any good ideas for the game e-mail me. You can do that by clicking on my name at the sonic the pervert page.

-Steve Farfan

Greatest fan-game EVER!

The art is amazing, the plot it original and humorous, and the gameplay is unique.

It's worth 10 points, and I'm passing it around to people now. :D

BTW, why don't you get an angelfire account? Or maybe we could help find somebody to host for you.

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Yeowi responds:

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again.

first for the review.
Second for telling your friends
third for offering a way for my site to go back up.

could you e-mail me an answer to this question though?

Am I allowed to have a hentai game up their by any chance? Also how much space do they normally give? And lastly, is it free?

If you ever think up of good ideas, send them to me. The fans always think up of the widest variety of stuff.

Thanks again,
-Steve Farfan

I Love Sonic porn!

Recently I've been admiring Sonic Hentai and now that this game been made... dude I am so happy!!!:)))) But...uh....I could never get up to the 3rd chick, their was a glitch with Amy...is it just my computer or what!?

Yeowi responds:

there is not glitch that I could find. Though I'll go make sure the next game is even less glitchy.

Woudn't it be cool if sega decided to start making adult sonic games? I guess that they won't be making something like that until they realize most of their audience aren't little kids anymore.

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3.22 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2003
2:35 PM EDT
Action - Other