Sonic the Pervert

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DISCLAIMER: This is a fan-made game. It in no way reflects the wishes of Sega. It has had no part in making nor knowledge that it exists(i think). All of their Sonic games(as far as I know) are E-rated and are very likely to stay that way. Sega does not take responsiblity for this game (unless it wants to).

-I don't know how to speak like a lawyer, but I'm basically protecting Sega from anything having to do with this game that anybody would consider BAD. (Plus I don't feel like getting sued!)
Also the bulk of their fans are 18+ already, so it may create
interest in an unexplored market.



The last guy was right you are sick. The only person who would get a kick out of this game is an animal fucker. (by the was I love the animation, did you draw that?)


You're sick you are.
Yet somehow...that was strangely arousing...

LOL only joking.
Pretty funny stuff (you sick sick sick person)

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Two point Five Outta Five

Er... Not good, Goodish Flash, but the rest is crap.So...


Nekkid Anthros!

I found this game pleasing! I doubt I'll ever look at sonic the same way again but oh well!
Very well done! The females were totally hot!
The tails being a female was interesting and the "chest hair" reminded me of a certain anime character! I loved the little tufts of pubic hair, Great touch! I kind of wish you made tails a male and it would have been nice to see some male genitals on a furry! Keep up the work! Make more and more! XD

dude...not cool

this game is absolute shit on a stick. Trust me steveif yove even played sonic you'd not want to undress any of the charicters...in you mind it would just be wrong. Plus i dont know if you wanted to REALLY make sonic a prevert but that muscle sonic just dosent cut the cake

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3.22 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2003
2:35 PM EDT
Action - Other