Aleana 3 Show Your Skills

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Just wait a bit.
I reccomend you to watch it on ,medium quality for slower pc's .

Watch the other parts before watching this one.

I'll be back with other Anime.Better art better sound and voices =D.

When I have time 2 do it =p


bravo... bravo... (not really)

first the characters and story look inspired from games like oni and anime like flame of recca. second you did all the cheap tricks like make the main character the cute one and even show her off a bit. as for the duel i was routing for the 'bad' guy just cause he's the better fighter. the way you blatently say 'if it runs slow on your computer i made it with a gigaherz..' makes you look like you think your the shit.. your not.. you've got 'some' skill. try doing something that hasnt been done a million times over in japanese anime. dont be a crowd pleaser, do something from the heart. i still gave you a high score cause its nice work, just try to use newgrounds to polish your skills more. (thats what i feel its all for anyway)

GK-studios responds:

Yeah you aslo hate =D.Are you happy now i'll stop making Aleana just for you Happy =D.
And i'll make something from the hart.($%#&^%)

Captued the drama very well

You captured the fight very well. Nice work of flash.

GK-studios responds:

Thnx Lee1 ^ ^



Rip OFF!

I'm sorry man but if you are gonna rip off all you gay ass ideas from Dragon Ball Z
that defeats the purpose of even making a movie for your own idea. The first movie
was good....sure something new. The 2nd episode i was wondering where you got your
fire glowing around Idea....and now....This last episode was like the Dragon Ball Z
episode when Vegeta first fights Goku on Earth....and the little kid is Gohan who saves
his father....and the guy who protects the little kid is Piccolo...COME ON MAN!

GK-studios responds:

IF YOU CAN"T DRAW YOURSELF SHUT THE FUCK UP!!(i'm in a bad mood now and I just had 2 do this =D kekek)

this is very good

this series inspired me to begin making my new anime-ish flash movie. i was afraid people would ridicule anime but this gives me hope. thanks

GK-studios responds:

Let me know when your done esteban =D

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3.51 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2001
4:27 PM EST
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