Aleana 3 Show Your Skills

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Just wait a bit.
I reccomend you to watch it on ,medium quality for slower pc's .

Watch the other parts before watching this one.

I'll be back with other Anime.Better art better sound and voices =D.

When I have time 2 do it =p


gooD stufF

This is a kick ass anime series. Great action and decent animation. I enjoyrd the dragon ball feel as well.

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why don't you lewarn how to draw asshole?

this movie was not worth the wait because you cant draw for shit,the movie was too long,and because the main character is probably a hermaphrodite

(excuses self, pukes, returns to computer)

Mad Rappa Ilys has got sompin to say
About this bull shit excuse for anime-
The animation stunk so bad
That I choaked and gagged
Then I threw up on mouse then all over the key pad
My nose and eyes couldn't handle the smell
But my mouth found the strength to utter "What the hell
Is wrong with this stupid ass'd shit?
I can't tell if this mo fo's a guy or a chick
With dat freaky-ass wack-ass pink-ass hair-
Is this the Backstreet Boys dancing around in there?" -ilys, aka Wireless

Skills? Where?

[Thinking] Aleana is a man. 0_o Also thinking that spelling is atrocious and flash was really just an episode of DBZ, had Gohan undergone a sex change. Crikey. I begin to see a whole conspiracy here, and it all leads to that goofy show. Sadly, this was the first flash to really irritate my sense of artistry... -_-


Very nice. I love cirtain kind of anime and this is it.

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3.51 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2001
4:27 PM EST
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