Faceless:In the beginning

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all the faceless movies put together


Pretty good, amusing to say the least

Not the best, but most certainly not the worst. It was entertaining, and it was worth watching. The best point(i thought) was the storyline, and the worst was the voice-acting. I understand, though, how hard that can be when you are working alone. Good job, keep making these and fine-tuning your skills :)
oh, and i liked PAIN:angel ^^

No, YOU suck testes.

I would like to have it known that I adore nbh's flashes, they really move me, and few flash movies can do that. This guy is a master, and faggots like you who give nothing but porn a chance should never have joined newgrounds.


this is definetly an awesome flash that everyone should see.

*go to the link in my profile please, thx*

You should be getting ALOT more attention now

You and Synj need to do a movie! You and SYNJ are probably the best flash animators out there. I just want to let everyone know how much I look up to you. Even though you probably won't see this, that's cool, I will probably end up peeking in through your window watching you at your computer some day, so watch out. I know you and SYNJ are buds, so you REALLY gotta do something together. Plus Nirvana and SP rocks! Ok, now to do this same thing on all your other movies! Peace.

cool but confusing

well, the action was sweet, pretty great effort for mouse drawings (you should get a tablet, it's a lot easier)

but it didn't make much sense
I mean, ok first he's running, from something that happened...
then he fights a hell of a lot, runs and fights
and I just don't get what the faceless guy is trying to achieve

and yea, it was kinda weird how it went from captions to voice overs

and I couldn't hear the voices too well, the music drained them out

so yea, pretty cool, good effort, but quite confusing

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3.37 / 5.00

May 30, 2003
8:49 AM EDT
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