Wild Stick West

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W00ters. This is probably my best flash yet, weighing in at around a week and a half to complete. Even though it does have sticks, I think it's actually pretty good stick animation, not like the usual kind of crud you get appearing every day.

The music is the music from the Wild West level in TimeSplitters 2. It's pretty cool music. The filesize is about 1.3mb, hopefully not too much for all the 56kers out there.

Uhm, that's about it. Just enjoy...



i liked the timesplitter music

not bad

it was pretty okay, but i did think that the sticks moved a bit slow at the start. good work though. loved the music, and keep animating, coz like i said its not bad.

Hehe, kewl...

...but I don't beleive a 7 year-old did the animation. I love the music. It's my favorite track from Timesplitters 2. Anyway, great animation. Keep it up!

((( DECENT )))

Notbad work that was decent, great 3d rendering, all the sticks seemed the same and moved with the same animation loop, might want to fill in there heads though, it kinda ran slow, but it was nice to see, great western song, i was happy nice work...


pointless, brainless, fun!!!

yay pointless brainless fun, w00t, this was fun to watch, I liked the background/houses, they looked good. I dont know what else to say, this was pretty good :)

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2.94 / 5.00

May 30, 2003
7:56 AM EDT
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