DU #3 (Homer simpson)

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Dress-UP #3 (Homer Simpson)

I started this awhile back and then got back to it, well its interesting and some of my best work sofar,


125 items to choose from

8 backround scene selections aswell as a blank one.

2 songs, #1)The simpsons theme #2) Homer/flinstone song

Sorry but the shoes are not removble, they just became a pain, and yes i know he needs some under shorts.
I didnt want the file size too large so i left it with only two songs,
Thanks for all the decent reviews, leave any comments on what you think.

My (6th) Movie




Did you actually animate everything yourself, or did you import some of the graphics? The second background looked great, and if you did that, everyone here owes you some respect. Keep it up.


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XwaynecoltX responds:

Hhahahahha its RyanAn, i was waiting for this one, yes i did animate all the scenes, but as you know my animation is not up to par, but i did the best i could, the homer office, and a couple others took me abit of work, the onlything i didnt do was the homer moments which are jpegs of homer moments, but yeah its decent work as i not only do reviews but i also make flash movies and thats kinda rare for a top reviewer, anyways thanks for the review, infact it might be the first decent review you gave me....lol, anyways if you ever need to drop me a line you can find me over at the simpsons club, in the bbs clucs section, anyways thanks for the review...



Wow... Homer simpson this time eh j00? Well you get the quality background music for the Simpson theme and you get a variety of different conversational peices to put on him. One thing for certain the backgrounds seem a little unusual at first but I guess it shows more emphasis to Homer surroundings. Well keep at you Newgrounds deciple.


XwaynecoltX responds:

Newgrounds deciple hahahhaah funny, yep this was my best works of late, and i now hate making buttons arg they can be a pain, yeah the backrounds were key to make it unique other then just a plain ol dress-up, anyways once again thanks for all the decent reviews...


please add more songs

that would really be great

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XwaynecoltX responds:

Hmmmmm i dont know cause the file sixe is abit large at the moment and i dont want the user to be sitting forever, ill think about it though...


Bad Graphics...

but good choice of music i havent heard the simpson parody song of the flinstones in soo long
keep up the good work

XwaynecoltX responds:

Wow thats odd cause everyone else is giving me higher then 5 on graphics hehe well im sure you just need more time with flash and newgrounds, but thanks for the review...



That was pretty cool, except the music was kinda annoying. Good game! DOh!

XwaynecoltX responds:

Heh annoying, hmmm well most others seemed to like the songs infact they wanted more, thanks for the review anyways...


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3.55 / 5.00

May 29, 2003
2:43 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up