DU #3 (Homer simpson)

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Dress-UP #3 (Homer Simpson)

I started this awhile back and then got back to it, well its interesting and some of my best work sofar,


125 items to choose from

8 backround scene selections aswell as a blank one.

2 songs, #1)The simpsons theme #2) Homer/flinstone song

Sorry but the shoes are not removble, they just became a pain, and yes i know he needs some under shorts.
I didnt want the file size too large so i left it with only two songs,
Thanks for all the decent reviews, leave any comments on what you think.

My (6th) Movie



pretty d@mn good dressup!

Good sound from the show,good graphics,and it had sum good backgrounds,and a big selection!What I expect du's 2 be like!

XwaynecoltX responds:

In responce to zackdaman03 (11/11/03)

Ha cool cool, i like your reviews, thanks again...


Its great

The songs needs to be longer like on tv anyways great game.

XwaynecoltX responds:

In Response to hellomikie92

Thanks for the review, and thanks for the score...



That was nice!!! I really liked it.. one of the best dress-ups at newgrounds!!! I see your reviews all over the place so i decided to see some of ur flash great work :D

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thanks boikrazie90 and thanks for the review, i dont know about the best on newgrounds but it was fun, thanks again...


You've been kind enough to review fairly on...

...my stuff...
So I decided to revire on of yours!

This is good art, and the music is half bad either... there is nothing to really do, but none-the-less cool to look at... good work, I've seen your other stuff too, try and work on it harder, and even IM me on MSN messenger or AIM... I can help u out!

XwaynecoltX responds:

Hey that was a cool review, thanks and i may need your help on somthing ill msn you soon...


9 3/4 anyway

dis is da shit, so play it! (he has a lump where his dick should be)

XwaynecoltX responds:

LOL, a lump hehe that was way too funny, anyways thanks for the review...


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3.55 / 5.00

May 29, 2003
2:43 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up