DU #3 (Homer simpson)

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Dress-UP #3 (Homer Simpson)

I started this awhile back and then got back to it, well its interesting and some of my best work sofar,


125 items to choose from

8 backround scene selections aswell as a blank one.

2 songs, #1)The simpsons theme #2) Homer/flinstone song

Sorry but the shoes are not removble, they just became a pain, and yes i know he needs some under shorts.
I didnt want the file size too large so i left it with only two songs,
Thanks for all the decent reviews, leave any comments on what you think.

My (6th) Movie



Good work

Good work man!
Your stuff is always good man keep it up!!!

Great Dress up

Thast was definately your best dress up, reading through your reviews i noticed ramagi always complains about there not being enough items, well id like to see her complain about this one, great music, peter griffin at the start made me laugh also, keep it up.

a simpsons DU -Yay!

a homer simpson dressup - this is your best Dress up yet X! I liked the simpsons music included in this i chuckled out loud becuase it was so obvious it was going to be in here =D
Anyway a nice pose homer is in and there were PLENTLY of cool clothes to choose form, I like the way you used actual simpsons clothes such as homer's power plant work suit and clothes featured in special episodes such as the 'foam doam' and the 'I survived the Springfield scare' T-shirt. Also when I removed homers clothes i noticed there was nothing there haha that amde me laugh too.
All - in all you pretty much grasped the plenty to choose form element, but just not yet the little bonus interactivity and animations. How about stuff like when you give homer a beer to hold in his hand he burps and when you put on the foam doam he sucks through the straws? He could also say funny phrases if you click on his mouth.
your best dressup yet, and i hope you found my suggestions helpful. well done!

You have just been reviewed by

last DU game thank goodness

I liked the fact it did have more to choose from than your other DU. I don't think many people would do a dU for homer. Maybe for marge who knows. I don't recall seeing many simpsons du on this site. I know I could serach and see, but it';s not taht important. I was vvery glad to see more selections for this submissions.

Not too great...

This one isnt as original or fun as your P-Bot one.

The music was a given, predictable, but suitable.
This has a bigger file size then your other dress ups, but then again, more clothing, more music, better graphics.

It's pretty good, not as fun as the P-Bot one though.

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3.55 / 5.00

May 29, 2003
2:43 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up