DU #3 (Homer simpson)

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Dress-UP #3 (Homer Simpson)

I started this awhile back and then got back to it, well its interesting and some of my best work sofar,


125 items to choose from

8 backround scene selections aswell as a blank one.

2 songs, #1)The simpsons theme #2) Homer/flinstone song

Sorry but the shoes are not removble, they just became a pain, and yes i know he needs some under shorts.
I didnt want the file size too large so i left it with only two songs,
Thanks for all the decent reviews, leave any comments on what you think.

My (6th) Movie



music is great!

simpson homor simpson he's the best guy in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol lol


dude it was cool! just take clothes off and put "trainer"-sign on his dick, umm... eww.. but omg he doesn't have a dick! :D:D:D:D:D


How did u make the second music play after the first with out clickin ne fing


You've put a lot of effort into this flash...loads of things to choose from, how many eyes? Well...A bloody lot!
But, there was one thing I didn't like and got on my nerves a bit, I know I could of just turned down the volume but, you know...so...maybe if you do another one, please put a 'music stop' 'music play' button.

Vote: 4/5

still no cock (ok ill stop now)

i found the music when homer is singing to the flintstones very funny, this is a good dressup because there are tons of items to choose from the layers seemed to be corect and there were nice bgs to chose from, the graphics were great and all the items were drawn well, the styles pretty good but there are other dressups, i loved the sound as i said before with the flintstones, there wasn't any violence exept for the tree in the song (ill give you a 1), it was interactive with the click and dragingness, and was very funny, mabye you could of added a few funny items, there were plenty of items but they were kinda all the same in the way like
well anyways it was a good flash and had plenty of items to choose from

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3.55 / 5.00

May 29, 2003
2:43 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up