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Dreams Of Eternity

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I hate those damned cd commecials where they give you some inane title, with inane songs, all presented to the backdrop of happy people..don't you? but this one is funny (and has a lot of songs to load...)

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A perfect way to show you dont need blood and guts to make it on Newgrounds. You just need swear words. Fuckin A. At any rate, I still want to hear that "better than you" song...

Operators are high on acid and standing by!

Nice commercial, Aaronin! I doubt they'll play THAT on the air! I like what you did to most of the songs. I've heard a band named "Los Straitjackets" did a ruining of the Titanic theme and I wonder if that was the random punk band. Just curious.

<scratching head>

I'm not sure I should get this or not. Are you trying to make fun of the commercial, or are you trying to sell your favorite bands? You failed to reach the Flash Audience, try harder.

im sorry but your joke backfired

i knew where you were going with this but it just wasnt funny. i didnt laugh one bit except in the end, that was pretty good. the whole thing up to the end felt empty, probably if you wouldve made the songs a little bit longer, it might of worked. try again.

A CD Commerical?

I fail to see the humor in the movie, except for the ending. The ordering page was the only funny part to this movie. I give you credit for the sounds and the graphics, but I honestly think that that is not entertaining. In your "comment" space, you wrote how you hated those "CD commericals." If you hate them like you say, why didn;t you make a spoof insulting them. At first I thought you were really trying to sell a CD. I think that you should give it another try and make it funny this time around.

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Jan 9, 2001
6:48 PM EST