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Dark Stick As

rated 3.62 / 5 stars
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May 28, 2003 | 4:36 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 29, 2003

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Author Comments

Yup it is here thanks for all the reviews it help alot now here it is in sound wait for it to load when playing



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice Animation

The animation rocked, the only things I didn't like about the animation were the blurry backgrounds and the stretching arms (because they remind me of hentai tentacle rape). Everything besides the animation was utter shit. The sound was retarded and didnt wasnt even synchronized well. The voices (yours im assuming) were all similar sounding, low quality, and bad acting overall. The story was utterly lame, did not really have any imaginative parts in it at all. As for music, was there any? Could've used some, or more if there was some.

My advice to you is put more imagination into it, don't only work on the fighting and art and shit, because without imagination it ruins the rest of it. Think of a unique and interesting story. Get some help with sounds/music, fix the blurry backgrounds, lose tentacle rape arms, and you could make some fucking sick movies.

pimpi responds:

Sorry for the long reply. You are right. The sound was shitty, everything about this film was shitty. If I remember i did this for a final project in HS and the dead line was coming up. Now to work on those shitty things I am in film school and now that I look at the filM FUCK it sucks. I like my less serious stuff more than this film. I look foward to future flash films and submitting them. Thank you


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is proberly one of hte best stick animatiions i ever seen. the graphics are just totally awesome. i never seen any better fighting, ┬┤this is proberly the best animation acording to me.and the voice was really good. no brusing. Make more please.

pimpi responds:

I will make more toon in the summer. The reason I haven't been making films for the last three years is because I was in film school learning animation. So the next gen of films I will make will have a certain skill to them. Thank you for your review. look forward to putting on the newground shoes and getting back to my roots.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

it was oretty good,except

at some parts big BIG rip offs of Akira for when his brother gets powers and the guys arms can stretch

the music was good,mostly all from akira

sucky plot

good animation and graphics

but even thou it was a rip off i love akira

pimpi responds:

HAHAHAHAHA fucking right man. shitty film for sure but I can't wait to put new films online. thanks for the review.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


You have no idea how much better this couldve been if the sound fx had been more frequent and better. Also there is very little music at all. The graphics were great and the story was preety good to. Its just the sound its terrible...

pimpi responds:

YEah I know that sound is well Shitty as fucking shit. The voice are not mine but i worked on the sound for two days but the animation is like 5 months


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So great...

PLEASE dude, you must tell me... Did you get the concept from the ever so great Play Station game, Galarians?? It was about a phycic boy who wakes up in a hospital and trying to find out about his past. There was this one part where he walks into a room, then it shows a cinimatic. You see this kid strapped to a chair in a small room and there were toys floating around him. But it was just a phycic vision... Please man, I'm BEGGING you, I must know!! AHH!!!

pimpi responds:

ummmmm No i got inspired by MGS, Akira, XIAOXIAO, and Jet Li movies but i never heard of galarians thanks for the review!