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yes all the art is done in MS-Paint.
and what i was relay goign for was the music and sound to be a major part of what you see and felt. voices done by myslef and other soundeffect are eather made by me or donated or stolen form games.
over all its kinda cool to see a frame by frame book like story that is all dont in the worst art program ever.
Yet i do think i am the first to mix MS-Paint and Flash.
well i hope you like it. the pictures took a long time to make in Paint, if you want to see the full 800X600 vertions of them please contact me or click the link for my site, it goes to my DIV-ART site where all frames will be posted even befor they can become a flash.


are you kidding?

Sre you freaking kidding me? that wasnt even an animation! i've seen tons of crap that deserved these ratings but got no recognition!

good stuff

i like the special story book style...you do know that there is a paint function in flash that is far more advanced than ms paint...but u still did an awesome job....voice acting was pretty good....speech bubble did disappear a little early...and the echoey voice at the beginning was a little inaudible....still, good job


I like it mainly because Voice acting and MS PAINT.

pretty Good

Newgrounds_pirate got his jenkys off on my little brother didnt u pirate... Because he was a ninja

Wow !

Respect, NG_Pirate, i could hardly make such painting in MS Paint. Great art. But, please answer, WHY ? Why in MS Paint ? Flash MX is best for drawing smooth and nice. Anyway, great.

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3.22 / 5.00

May 27, 2003
8:19 PM EDT
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