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Well I decided I had to make a soundboard, so I decided to pick those dirty guards in the game "Red Faction" for PS2 and PC. Click 'Stop' to make the sou nds stop, obviously. I'm not sure if my preloader worked, cause i suck at making them...


Fucking yes I love you for making this exist.

i personally didn't play the first red faction

but i have played guerrilla


I absolutely love the game 'Red Faction', so I really liked this soundboard. The sound quality was great. Althoguh the graphics and style could have been better (the text could have fit in the boxes), I still enjoyed it. Also, your pre-laoder didn't work, sorry.

* Added to Favourites
~ Z

Great soundboard

The quality of the voices was realy good. I havn't played Red Faction so I'm not sure what context to put all of the phrases in but it was well done. The graphics could have been better, and it was also kind of random how it was set up.

Hello there!!!

Great flash, I need to contact you about it. I'm currently working on a Red Faction movie right now and if I could possibly get some of your sound files for my movie then that would be great. I have no idea where to get them online and so far your the only way I can. Email me at americasmostwanted210 at yahoo dot com (sorry you can't post emails in reviews so instead of @ i put at and dot instead of .) or IM me on AIM at DarK SouL538. If you can you will be credited in my movie!!! Thanks, please reply n contact. Great soundboard btw!

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2.29 / 5.00

May 26, 2003
1:15 PM EDT
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