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Blind date

February 21, 2015 –
March 29, 2022
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

I went full lazy and now i'm ashamed.


You don't seem ashamed. In fact you seem quite proud of what you have done

Well I guess that was a pretty awkward and weird date!!

Well thats an awkward date


Frankly, you ought to be ashamed...
Glad to see you at least want to take some sort of pride in the craft, so I won't beat you up about it. You already know what you did.
More needs to happen. Try just a little gusto!

So the theme is "fuck dogs." Well, point out what exactly you hate about them. Dogs chew on EVERYTHING. They don't dig or bury it when they crap, AND they crap EVERYWHERE! Even when you train them for hunting, they make so damn much noise you're at a severe disadvantage on the hunt.
I've had a hunting cat or two that was SO much more useful than a dog. But these are reasons I don't care for dogs. What are yours? That's the part that will make this worth watching. I would suggest you try again, get something together and build something you'd be PROUD to show off.

I promise, you can get there from here, now it's just up to you to do it.

<deleted> responds:

I just felt like i didn't have enough going on in this one. Like i had a clear idea of what i wanted but while making, any ideas for jokes couldn't come along. So it is very clear i still need to work on my process and how i make all my things and to what order. Also thank you for the critique, getting all these really do help me improve and even see it in anyone else's perspective.


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