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Don't Move

January 7, 2014 –
January 6, 2020
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Don't Move starts simply: move left or right. But as you try -- and as you fail -- to move, you unlock more of the game's mechanisms. With each new element comes new challenges and more rewards!

Use left and right or A and D to move. Press P to toggle pause. This game saves your progress automatically.

Volume control is with +/- and you can mute with 0 (zero).

Note: If you can't reach 100%, you're missing something!

If you enjoyed this game, please consider buying it or the soundtrack:


Also please vote for and share the Steam Greenlight page!



Thank you for this commentary-game. We need more like this! This is how cheap mind tricks compensate for an absence of play that is actually interesting or fun for itself.

I liked the ending

OK i got everything maxed except trophies. The best trick ive found is from a post i read earlier on: Just hold left or right and right click on the game and open a new tab and do somthin else for about an hour. This allows your game to loop itself automatically so you dont have to go thru the monotony of this boring and pointless game. Have fun trolling!!

The "gimmick" of this game really just seems to be an excuse to not really try. Its not even boring in a clever way, its just boring.

You state tt the game saves my progress automatically, but this is untrue. I played and restarted to log in and when I checked, my trophies were no longer there. Also, this game is the worst time killer due to the repetitive nature of the game.

<deleted> responds:

It saves every time you explode a lock. If the last save was before you got the trophies, they would not be retained.


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2.82 / 5.00