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Messed-Up Bible Stories12

February 20, 2013 –
May 10, 2021
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

God disguises himself as a burning bush for some reason.


Awesome as usual. Can't wait until the plagues. God would definately have fun with that.

<deleted> responds:

Oh that one is next! I kind of dread animating it tho. as god got a little crazy in that story.

This video was very informative.
5 stars

mmh... I always asked myself why it had to be a "burning bush"..... oh well, whatever.

<deleted> responds:

A sexy bush.

why do you read the bible then just make fun of it?

Btw good flash :)

<deleted> responds:

That's how I roll.

Wow, I've been waiting for the next episode like forever, I've heard you have some financial problems, how are you doing now? This series can't be over yet, it's still a long way till, Jesus!

Also, kind of confused here, is it even in a chronological order anymore, or just doing the ones it can be made fun of instead?

By the way, still very funny & enjoyable as usual & still very entertaining to re watch again every now & then. Is this a new direction where you focused more on the each story to keep it going? Just asking, because if that's the case, it will be even longer before this gets to Jesus (which I have no problem with)

I hope everything's ok

<deleted> responds:

It's still in chronological order. This episode moved us into Exodus. There's no change in the direction as every episode has focused on one story. I seriously doubt we will ever get to Jesus as he's in the new testament. Unless I decide at some point to just way, WAY ahead.


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