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Messed-Up Bible Stories11

October 2, 2012 –
May 10, 2021
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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God tells Abraham to start chopping wieners.

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What can I say? When I studied this with a conservative Christian, the girls in the group and I were chuckling at the image of poor Ishmael, voice cracking, scared out of his mind; servants tendering their resignations, and Abraham having to have a little wine or beer, before doing himself, afraid to have too much, in case he accidentally cut off too much. The conservative Christian was mad.
Compare that with studying it with a Rabbi, and he appreciated that there was humor to be drawn from it, because God loves it when we find joy and humor in life. Take that spin on it, and the Bible thumpers lose their thunder to condemn others for not also having a stick up their...
In that way, your videos are not blasphemous, just because they take scripture with an open mind and heart, ready for inspiration and to find the absurdity in ourselves and the things we hold dear. All these portrayals of the biblical stories are so pretentious, that it's like Mozart said in "Amadeus," paraphrasing: the people are so choked with classical material that they s**t marble. You can't ever let a story get to be so serious that anyone who sees it their own way is marginal, or worse, condemned as wicked.
This series is getting better and better, and does a great job at not saying "don't believe in the Bible's teachings" but just saying "take the Bible's teachings 'with a pinch of salt'." It wasn't written for us, but for people 2-3000 years ago, not as a series of didactic parables, like the Hellenic mythos, but as the oral tradition and history of a nomadic people. There's a reason why the Apocrypha is considered to offer lessons as well, despite being non-canon.
The lessons of prophets are important, but in Jewish tradition, the Torah is the history of the Jewish people, and the Talmud is the interpretation of Adonai Abba's laws.
People have to take all this, and make it so serious that you can't even imagine it as a serious situation with funny realities. I've seen what people like that laugh at, and it borders on sociopathic.

Despite this being sacrilege or blasphemy for die-hard christians, it is hilarious. You get a deduction for playing with religion, but you get the rest for playing with religion really well, friend.

4 stars. I want more of this.

Reason we don't have system updates= He would have upgraded us to be living flesh tanks by now.

Its for a good cause

I really love this series, especially your portrayal of god. I really appreciate your talent for making fun of the bible (which isn't that hard) and I can't wait for more. I grew up in a christian home so as a child I never really questioned this stuff until I got older but really your god character is the star of this series. This episode like all the others is very entertaining and I have nothing bad to say. Didn't you make a dvd or something? I just might buy it for support.


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