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Skyward Sword Plot

January 16, 2012 –
January 24, 2012
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

I kinda regret making this...


Loaftwings? Fee? But other than that, not a bad parody. The loftwings' Wile E. Coyote style signs were a high point. Just a little work on the timing- sometimes gags were ruined by a little too much thinking time.

Need to work on your humor. Fi is a robotic, monotone, boring companion. The goal of any Zelda: SS parody is to make fun of Fi at all costs. You failed doing this somehow.
Yea and we knew whats his face was fruity from the first trailer we saw like 2 years ago. Think of it from that stand point and how lame some of these jokes might sound to anyone familiar with any video game media at all.
Voice work was fine. Art was good. Work on the humor and plot you might have something better in the future.

this is too funy
great animation but the voice needs more work
donĀ“t listen to the people down here
this is good
make a second part

Okay, the first positive thing I can say is that there are no memes, ponies, or skyrim. (Which is BIG plus, great way to start out.)
The joke department in general was not extremely clever in any way, and kind of immature. The bad kind of immature (where you make a sex reference but it's really predictable and would be something a 4th grader would come up with)

The animation was watchable, could go alot more in depth, but all I will do is just suggest that you work on easing and making cleaner lines. (as well as trying to avoid tweens)

Voice acting was worse quality-wise then it was performance-wise.
Quality was choppy and had alot of clipping and popping,
while performance-wise, no one knew how to emote or even yell when they had to. Get some actors who aren't afraid to scream bloody murder and also have good quality mics. I know, it sounds like an impossible task, but it's possible.

But, out of humility, I can give points to it knowing that a certain amount of effort went into this.
Oh, and minus a couple points for that played out family guy joke, one of the worst jokes from that shitty show at that. Don't do that anymore.

I loved the animation style, especially when Link rotates his eye with his hand. Funny stuff! Nice work.


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