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Skyward Sword Plot

January 16, 2012 –
January 24, 2012
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

I kinda regret making this...


. . . to tell you how unoriginal your humor is as belligerently and honestly as I can.

Not only did you carbon copy age old jokes from the Flintstones and other original shows, you did it poorly. Seth Mcfarlene at least delivers his stolen humor with flair. But instead of utilizing clever delivery, you had to swallow these overused jokes whole and regurgitate them out with a giant extra helping of feces in a green tunic.

Regardless of my griping over your jokes, I do appreciate your ability to animate and hope you continue in your endeavor to improve you animations. I hope you take this review seriously and that you and your voice actors also read up on comedic delivery, as you made me want to marry a knife to my jugular (much like brawl taunts).

In summation: The animation is fine; the jokes, poorly delivered.

Not only was this parody hilarious!!!!!!!
But, it also has an accurate (well, slightly accurate) take on the game!!!!!!!!!!!!
Truth be told, most parodies tend to blow the storyline way out of proportion than deemed necessary.

You know I kinda like how you made it seem like just another rehashed plot and yadda yadda yadda Zelda gets kidnapped. It was a bit short but I'm sort of glad considering I havent played the games so you didnt go ahead and spoil it.

As for the flash itself the jokes were focused on the game (it seems too many people stray away from the jokes these days on Newgrounds) Loved the scene with the Wily E. Cayote birds exchanging dialogue heheheh.

That said nicely done!

Finally someone recognizes how insane it is for all of Link's items to defy gravity when he gets them. I've wanted this to happen for years.

Thank you.

Lol "what's that?"


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