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June 20, 2011 –
July 18, 2020
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

UPDATE: FIXED GLITCHES! NOW PLAYABLE! But instead of arrow keys and the x button, you use the cursor to move and click to shoot. Also will add names of the team.

Made For Game Jam 5! High scores haven't been approved yet, so be patient!

Control a ship through 3 stages by moving him with the arrow keys and shooting bullets with x. Shoot everything you see to get the highscore in the scoretable and can you beat the game? NG Medals included/achivements included. Good Luck!

Note: This game is hard, if you suck at games, avoid playing this.

Code By MikeyS9607
Art By Me
Music By Midimachine

The songs that are remixed are from Zero Wing. No copyright intended.
Also there's an extra song for you guys in the Authors Section.


Sucks, this game sucks. I can not even pass the first stage because the bugs, and then I can not shoot game and the help is just a history, do not explain nothing! I was embarrassed to have gotten one medal that shit.

The game looks interesting, but I can't shoot!!! I can move the ship with the mouse, but clicking doesn't make the ship shoot and neither do any of the buttons on the keyboard. The only time the ship shoots is at the beginning of the level, just when the ship appears. Please fix this.

Also, I would suggest taking out the arrows keys and x button on the screen if they are useless and you should update your "author comments" section to let the players know that you are suppose to use the mouse.

this was nifty

I got a Positive experience from this one, I may have some ideas for this to Thrive even more then it is now, And i know you are capable of it, you have shown us this great piece sofar, You already have a Professional touch on this one this was atake me back game with the retro style graphics but it was fun and the music was notbad either, there could have been more medals as these were ok but was in need of some more. the game ply was fun, also i wouldnt mind some better sound/fx for when you get hit or even shoot stuff it would be a nice option to think about, and would make this much more fun besides adding some nice visual effects, This is probably my second favorite submission for today, but was a very close 2nd some things could be better and i like the style here. You have done a fantastic job here.

So now that we are in this little area of improving things i would like to Mention a few things, I suppose some things could be Eliminated just a few odds and inns, something that could be done without there could have been more medals as these were ok but was in need of some more. andd some better sound effects for shooting or getting hit by stuff.

It doesn't seem to be entirely free of glitches. The controls work, and so does shooting, but at the start of each level the shots appear only at the top of the screen, only through repetetive clicking do they start appearing where the ship is. Apart from that it's a fun game. The levels are all varied and challenging to play, though it gets easier once you settle in the 'flow' of the game and find the pattern. :) It's a fun shooter though, with crispy pixel graphics. A great play!


I have completed a great game.

Where is musics. I want musics.


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