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A Mother in Festerwood

January 30, 2011 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Although the world habits dangers of violence and gore,
a young child's task is mostly to play
and to explore.

The job of a mother involves knowing when to hold your child back from the dangers of the world, and making sure the child can handle himself when he becomes too old for you to keep him.

+ Use the mouse to control the mother.
+ You can keep your tiny child near your home protecting him from danger.
+ Letting your child explore alone allows him to gain experience and eventually be able to handle himself.


Turns out I really enjoy being a terrible mother.
I like watching the cyclopse picking chubby baby fat from his teeth. :l
Great concept.

Great concept, poor execution. Moving the mother should be done with arrow keys, not the mouse. Also you need to use hit boxes because the way you have it set up now the mother gets caught on all kinds of edges of the house and even stuck between the dots of the border. At one point when the boy was only 7 I got stuck in the top left edge of the circle. No matter where I moved the mouse she would not move.

Also, lol at the last guy using the word "incest" instead of "instinct".

that kid is too dumb to live, on like ten games he reached the age of eight and his first incest was to go give the cyclops in the bottoms right of the screen a hug.

Thought-provoking and meaningful. Sometimes the controls get a little bit wonky-but I just dismiss that as being another factor showing the difficulties of parenthood.

Very cool game. It really makes you think. I managed to unlock all of the medals finally :).

I also liked how you added a Magic Pink Man reference in there ;)


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3.67 / 5.00