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A Mother in Festerwood

January 30, 2011 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Although the world habits dangers of violence and gore,
a young child's task is mostly to play
and to explore.

The job of a mother involves knowing when to hold your child back from the dangers of the world, and making sure the child can handle himself when he becomes too old for you to keep him.

+ Use the mouse to control the mother.
+ You can keep your tiny child near your home protecting him from danger.
+ Letting your child explore alone allows him to gain experience and eventually be able to handle himself.


really fun game, but there is a huge element of chance. That makes it fun, sure, but there should be some limit. For instance, I just recently played a game where I did not move at all. Not even a little. In this game, the child grew up, left the house, found the sword, and survived to adulthood--despite having run-ins with both the giant and the blob creature in the upper right. Does this mean I am a horrible mother, or a great mother? My child survived to be a great warrior with 22 or so attack, but I sure didn't do anything...

I really do like the content. It is a cute game, which does do what it is intended in showing the AWESOMENESS of mothers. However, I think that there should be some penalty for a mother who ignores their child. But then again, that would ruin the spontaneousness of the game...

Your games are always very creative, they always have a deeper meaning, this one more evident than your other games but still has a purpose.
It annoys me that some people cannot understand the true meaning or judge wrongly of it because of the graphics or other aspects aside from the point.
Like all your other games, this is brilliant, an excellent message and concept.

They become Teeangers at age 13, not 12. And they become Adults at 21.

great game its a bit hard

Coming back to this game after a long while, I really hope that this gets front-paged for Mother's Day. I don't know if it was intentional, but the game sent a powerful message about being a Mother.

Sometimes there's only so much you can do to protect your kids from the dangers they can't see. Sometimes you have to let go, because they have to be able to do things for themselves. There's patience that goes into raising your children. There's the anxiety of seeing them get hurt. There's the hope that they'll come back. There's the joy when you see them succeed.

Many wonderful ideas were crammed into this minimalist game, and I applaud you for that.


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3.67 / 5.00