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A Mother in Festerwood

January 30, 2011 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Although the world habits dangers of violence and gore,
a young child's task is mostly to play
and to explore.

The job of a mother involves knowing when to hold your child back from the dangers of the world, and making sure the child can handle himself when he becomes too old for you to keep him.

+ Use the mouse to control the mother.
+ You can keep your tiny child near your home protecting him from danger.
+ Letting your child explore alone allows him to gain experience and eventually be able to handle himself.


Really interesting game that I came back to play again :) love the message and how even though as the mother your role is limited watching the child keeps it interesting.

I feel compelled to review this, so i will. The basis is that you control the mother. You don't control the child. You can never control the child because (if I'm getting this right) a parent can never fully control their child. You have to let them explore but shield them from danger. It's a balancing act that shows how a parent stands. Of course some play-troughs are going to be easy, random enemy movement is kind of hard to control, but it adds an unintentional (i think) message to the game. Every child's life is going have different circumstances. Some are going to have things easy, but grow up okay, while others will have to be watched and held close to achieve the same result.
On the actual game play side it's okay. The mother's limited movement is part of the message, although it gets annoying when the little bugger is just out of reach, i would add a call function with the mouse button, that gets less probable to work the father the kid is. Music is soft and calming even when the kid is in danger, because the mother never is. Overall I'd say it's a good game, more about the message but i like that sort of thing.

*first attempt* 1-7 yrs Inside fence 10 12 13 inside, died 14.
*second attempt* whole life outside. beat game. all you have to do is let that little sucker do what they want and watch. boring game with restricted plot and extremely easy. please add a plot and make the mom do more. at least make her move faster to keep him inside when needed.(which is almost never)
ps: where is dad?

I understand that the designer is trying to make a point about the difficulties of motherhood and letting go of your children, but I just left the first one to do what it wanted. It eventually bounced its way out at about 8 years old and lived to about 22. The second time I worked at keeping the little bugger in. He got out at about 16 and died at 20. It just doesn't seem like a very effective or interesting game. Unless I'm missing something I should be doing, its just boring to watch the little dot bounce around aimlessly until it gets killed.

it has to have upgrades my best 30 years


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3.67 / 5.00