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A Mother in Festerwood

January 30, 2011 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Although the world habits dangers of violence and gore,
a young child's task is mostly to play
and to explore.

The job of a mother involves knowing when to hold your child back from the dangers of the world, and making sure the child can handle himself when he becomes too old for you to keep him.

+ Use the mouse to control the mother.
+ You can keep your tiny child near your home protecting him from danger.
+ Letting your child explore alone allows him to gain experience and eventually be able to handle himself.


hehe ok this was very "CUTE" really cute, and it was entertaining i actually was very pleased with the game, it was not too complicated and wasent so simple either not sure how all the script worked and such but for the "GAME-PLAY" you presented a very pleasent and soothing good, i think the downfall of the game was the lack of interactivity, like the mother only able to travel in the circle area maybe allow her to travel more outside that range somehow, would be more interactive but alos the monsters could still kill her and theres room there for some more medals allowing more fun for all, but besides all that i enjoyed it so props to you for a pleasent game.

I suggested a few options of making it better wih more interactivity from mother and even monsters.

fun and "PLEASENT" game could use abit more for more fun factor.


This made me think of my mom, whom I love so dearly. Very nicely done. The simplicity really works.

Its a cool game and like it.

But there is somethin' thats buggin' me... why is she living in the middle of the forest?? An where's his dad? Did he went somewhere and got lost?? anyways, great game, cool music, like it.

As I shouted at my screen, I realized the futility of my actions for my child would not listen to my voice.
Then he died.
This was awesome.

Aw this was awesome. Totally innovative, enjoyable and simple. Love the music.


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3.67 / 5.00