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January 14, 2011 –
December 17, 2022
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

You play as piggy Orson. Monk who peacefully lives in temple with his two brothers and wakes up from meditative state when big drop of water lands on his head.

4 bosses

70 different rooms

few different endings

version 0.2 There might be bugs. Please correct grammar if there are any mistakes.


got a bit stuck but ok whatever, i think this is a nice little game, all the animations that i saw in the small time i managed not to get lost ( :P ) were outstanding, especially those fishies that jump around with their mouth open, so colorful and original imo. :) And the music didnt give me any impressions that it didnt fit or anything, cause i think it does. :) Only point of critique i could think of is that you cant adjust the height of the pigs jump by pressing the button shorter, he always jumps max. Oh and i think his walking sounds stopped at some point, wich was dissapointing because i liked it. Or maybe its the type of soil i walk on. Dunno. Anyway, its great and cute. 5 stars.

Couldn't find any bugs

This game was fairly fun to play because it had a very simple premise and it really knew how to stick with it. The best artwork was the page shown at the very beginning. I just wish the graphics were as cool as that! This was still fun to play because the graphics are decent and it is a very standard kind of game. It was also fairly creative as I think this is the first time I ever controlled a pig who created fire by kicking the ground! The enemies were also well designed and you did not know what was going to happen next.

The most useful ability was probably being able to jump high. I really had no idea what kind of theme you were trying to make as it was a bit confusing. It seemed so random that it was like you were talking about the pig's dreams as the title seemed to imply. The music was alright. There should probably be a little more detail put into the surroundings as well as the protagonist.

Wow, I'm incredibly mad now.

I played throughout the whole game, and I got stuck at the door. I had done everything and checked everywhere but I could find the combination code.

But the most annoying flaw this game was: The platforms. Everytime you got a little bit off, you'd slide from a side and fall down. Got a bit annoying and really threw me off a lot of times. But what's worse is that it works exactly the same way in reverse. When you're trying to jump onto platforms. When you're trying to jump into platforms from under and they're close, you just can't get there, they block you. Even if you're centered. You have to jump like a "Ret0rd" until the pig is aligned. I'd suggest just make those platforms invisible when jumping from under. (Like Mario)

Also. I could never find a use for the Parachute. And was never able to find how to use it. I dedicated a long time to this game to finish it, but I got stuck. I couldn't use the parachute, even thought I had already gotten inside the library, and I couldn't find the code.

One thing I did like was the Secret Room with "Borley?"



Not only was a very slow paced game, it was nearly the same exact engine as your previous game moles quest

pretty good

Fix the controls and your good.


Stats, Info & More

2.20 / 5.00