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zombie maker

July 2, 2010 –
July 18, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

drag and drop to create your own zombie! have fun, and plz dont vote 0 because it is too short or something, give good reasons. if you like it you can even recommend this for a collection (zombie colletion or gadgets pharhaps?)
spended much time on this flash, i hope you like it!
also, it dont haves a preloader so wait a sec
some information:

61 items in libery
21 eyes
12 mouths
2 heads
2 legs
4 bodys
3 pair of hands
frame rate:20 fps (for animated things)

(if you haveving trouble picking very smal things up just zoom in: ctrl+/= or right mouse click-zoom in)don't forget to vote and coment (the zombie collection is a good place for this)


Programming is a pain in the ...
and it looks SOMEwhat like a zombie (ofcourse with my awesome dress-up skills
everything looks like a zombie :)

but has potential, more backgrounds, some music, maybe if you can weave something special to make it stand out from others you may have something, btw, i tried to make zombie salad fingers, hope you dont mind :P

But that didn't stop me from really enjoying this zombie piece! I mean, no matter what it is, who DOESN'T enjoy a good zombie animation/game?

I liked that you offered a fair selecion of items, but it wouldn't hurt to throw in some more detail with them. If you were to also add a few different selections of music you could play, along with some backgrounds you could pick from, it would improve this piece by a lot!

But it was still fun, and you still did a nice job on it! Keep it up!

BEST ...

This was an awesome thingie thingthing... I made this to my profile pic on Facebook! :D

all bloody and stuff...


Stats, Info & More

2.02 / 5.00