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October 20, 2009 –
April 25, 2012
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Very dynamic top down shooter, with quality pre-rendered graphics, and a lot of features. Fans of alien shooter and crimson-land will be happy.


- 50 levels
- 5 general scenes
- Character stats - allows to upgrade your character
- 28 different weapons - pistols, rifles, machineguns, grenades, flamers, laser and
plasma guns, etc
- weapons have different shooting animations and sounds
- character looks different with different weapon types, different
reloading animations also applied
- 3 types of armors
- weapons upgrades
- 8 types of enemies
- 3 types of infinite enemy spawns (destroyable)
- different enemy deaths animations
- each scene slightly differs in each level
- enemy spawns, enemy quantities and types are customized for each level
- enemies blood never disappears from scene
- scrolling scenes
- different gameplay in levels: normal (day), shaded (evening), with flashlight (night), protect girl
- quality sounds and music
- 4 animated scenes (storyline cinematics)


Srsly nicely done. Only one complaint, though:
the girlfriend was shown headshotting three dudes in her cinematic like it was no big deal, but in reality SHE'S COMPLETELY USELESS
I don't want to figure out how to go through the game without having her die, so i dunno about the rest of the game's features. So here's a rating for what I've seen so far.

nice game make a Bloodfield 2 thats so cool!!!!
the gameplay is nice
and next time make new characters!.
but for me you are D best^^ :D.

- If you need money - invest in luck. luck 8-10 will give you a lot of money bonuses.
- Do not forget about perception - making maximum damage allows you to kill enemies faster an saves your ammo. Simply saying - increasing perception you directly increase damage of any weapon.
- Pick character wisely, "Hulk" guy is slowest character,
- girl protection missions will be easier if you have some close-range weapon. Acid-gun or flamer. And be sure you have enough grenades. In those missins best tactics is to hold position.
- grenades will not hurt you or girfriend.
- give attention to guns descriptions, short range weapon will do minimal damage on big distances, shotgun for example can kill any zombie in one shot when he is close to you, but on the screen-long distances shotgun is even worse than first pistol. Weapons like deagle or any gauss can kill or at least hurt several enemies with one bullet, use them to shoot a crowds.
- use Q button - quick switch between weapons (current/previously used).

and finally:

This is an awesome game with the wide variety of weapons, the loads of enemies, and the large amounts of blood, but the game gets very difficult later in the game. This is mainly because of the dark stages an the girlfriend stages. In the dark stages you vision is really limited and the enemies are hard to see so you could get killed easily. If you don't move your flashlight around constantly you're gonna get ambushed by many enemies. The girlfriend stages are also really frustrating. Its hard to tell the difference between her an the enemies in the heat of the moment, and she isnt armed, so you have to kill enemies AND protect you girlfriend AND dont get killed yourself. With all these problems aside this is one of the best online shooters around. Great job. A sequel with no girlfriend stages, no darkness stages, the ability to set your difficulty, and a survival and/or sandbox mode would be freakin awesome!

I like it, its like boxhead only better (PS how you get past the levels with the girl is have them attack you instead


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3.94 / 5.00