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Epic Q

June 5, 2009 –
July 12, 2020
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Originally starting off as a humble little webcomic, I wanted to retell the story of Epic Q in a new media. So after about 5 or 6 delays, I've finally finished.

The whole process of animating this was pretty fun in the end, I hope you enjoy watching it!


Crazy man!! -and sorry...

Pretty rad dude!!!

Sorry I was unable to audition. I was way to busy and I lacked the proper technology...

Keep the sweet stuff coming!! And more sound FX!!!!

Not bad, but.........

I can tell u actually put some effort into this. The animation was fluid. the action in the flash was interesting. and the story was easy to follow (very random, but clear nonetheless). The issues i had with this was that the voice of the main character got annoying after a while, u may have did that on purpose, but i just dont feel that it fit well. and think the audio quality for Jill seemed kinda lower compared to the rest of the characters (the VA actor was great, its just seemed like her mic wasnt tuned well). And even though i like random humor , i just didnt find the random in the flash that funny. (one of the only parts that made me laugh the most was when the main char. said, "good thing i brought my hookshot", dont no y it made me laugh, but it did). the humor for the most part felt to much like "seen it before" humor. And the animation and humor just seemed alittle to close to Egorapor's style. Like i said, u probably did that on purpose, but ive seen too many ppl rip him off already, it's getting old....fast. But still this was a nice effort and hopefully my words were constructive, and hopefully u didnt take ill-will towards them. Am not trying to be a D-bag, am just saying this cause i feel u have potential. Well, good luck with your future projects and success, and thank you for reading all of my review (if u did lol). peace out.

<deleted> responds:

I don't think you're a "D-bag", constructive criticism is always accepted. I was rather worried the jokes used in the flash were too random or used to death. That's what I get for reusing old comics from 2 years ago. I was also afraid people would compare me to Egoraptor, it wasn't intentional, but I do look up to him. Jack's voice was intentional, stupid yet simple, although I'm considering to change it in future cartoons.

Anyway, thanks for the words. Criticism is always accepted.

Ho hum

Silly and stupid can be funny, but sometimes silly and stupid are just silly and stupid.


Very funny and stylistic!
I don't know but i always falling in love with female characters, cos they are looks so sexy and their voices makes me happy :3
Dragonball style looks cool too ^_^
At all - short and very funny animation - i really like it ^_^
Keep it up!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man!

Indeed epic

Funny and epic !


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