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Pico VS Anonymous

April 30, 2008 –
August 8, 2015
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

made this for pico day.


Hmm sorry but this wasnt great, firstly the stroy was terrible. it didnt really make much sense and wasnt funny, Mudkipz are old.
The art style wasnt terrible actually, but could use improvement, the animation wasnt great, but there wasnt much of it.
Maybe put more effort and time into it next time.

[Review Request Club]

Looking at the Replay button, I notice that its bottom right corner is lower that the left corner. That screen still appears better than the animation itself, which looks exceptionally crude. The narrative too gives this same impression. Somebody says something apparently offensive (which is mumbled and unclear) to Pico. Pico kills that person with an automatic weapon. Even the violence fails to impress: a few red sparks on the far side of the head, then the body rotates by 90 degrees to 'rest' on the floor. For a Pico Day submission, this serves to remind us that, along with everything else, NewGrounds accepts lazy & uninteresting submissions too.
[Review Request Club]

I'm sorry to say but this wasn't very enjoyable to watch. First of all this was extremely short. It should have been much longer or you could have at least made the short better. The graphics were decent but also could have been better. I thought the best thing you did was the voice acting, it was good. I didn't really understand why that guy didn't have a face either, but I guess that doesn't really matter. Over all this short was a little disappointing, add some more into it next time! Good try though.

{Review Request Club}

That was really short and didn't really have any humour to it, the drawing I could get over if it was longer and funnier but this short is nothing more than well, a short. The sound is okay, so I'll give you some credit for that, but there isn't anything else here that's really great.

You could have made a funnier short or something, more than just a one liner followed by some shooting, that doesn't quite make it funny. Use your imagination. Not much else I can really say about this.



= Review Request Club =

That's really all that needs to be said about what is there. What I think we all need to focus on is what could be there.

Why not give this anonymous a slightly less ambiguous face, maybe pay homage to the star of animutations across the internet, Colin Mochrie, for example. The drawing of Pico wasn't the best that I've ever seen, as it looks like you've tried to draw it with a mouse and you've not bothered to zoom in at all, to give yourself more control of the drawing tool.

Then we come to the plot. Why did Pico shoot the Anon? Why did the Anon cross the road? More of a buildup would have produced better results when Pico actually did the deed. Why not give us some graphic blood splatters, for example?

[Review Request Club]


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