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Skatin' Game~JP's Skater

December 29, 2001 –
June 22, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments


This game is all new, inspired from what used to be here (if you want, check out my Dope Skating Game, cuz it's the same as what was here before)

This game is sick, over 13 tricks, different obstacles, scoring system, quickplay passwords 4 levels, 1 secret level, 1 SECRET TRICK and much much more.

Before you play, check out the controls at "Instructions" on the main page

This game is really fun and addicting. Enjoy,
John Poliquin
Head of JP Productions


Ya cant jump over the garbage! cmon! You can go pass it, but when it's blocking the entire track, you lose life! People shouldnt go through all that, so ill say the password! kfc is the password for the secret level! And the secret level never ends anyway!

I really didnt like this one...i couldnt ollie over abjects and yup this game sucks...dont blam it, but remake a better version...if it wasnt x-mas, id blam you, God blammit!

Sry dude but it could be better. I skate, so I like to see what new tricks there could be and how they are done. Sry for the bad score, but the tricks are good.

Shitty graphics cant dodge barrels. and thats not how u do an airwalk.

This looks like it was written by a five year old on crack. There is NO WAY to avoid the barrels on level one and sometimes you can't even see your character. The levels are poorly designed, the ramps seem to move as you are on them. The 3, 2, 1, countown is done in a second. Seriously, go back to Flash 101.


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1.89 / 5.00