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Tom Fulp likes JT

September 17, 2007 –
May 10, 2021
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Tom Fulp develops a man-crush on Justin Timberlake after watching his performance at the MTV VMAS.


Still laughing

I think Tom wont get worried fot than "no more sex" comment, at least he wont worry abut her, lol this movei is very hilarious. Laterz.

I cried

That actually laughed to the point I cried..... And I myself got up and dance so don't make fun of queens*cough* I mean Tom dancing.


That was pretty damn funny, good work, and good luck with that tom....

man, thats awesomes!

man, thats so cool! i really like it! and its so well drawn and done! man, this rocks! (no offence to tom) i was expecting something similar when i saw the post tom had done, but nothing like that! it was soo fun, taht i laughed my a*** of, man, it was great! and the credits, <<and we will help you in your time in need.>> and <<this music ,howeverH, isnt workin. is it?> it was HILLARIOUS. a 5 it get

I'm here for you, Tom.

Heh, made me laugh.


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