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Messed-Up Bible Stories 1

April 4, 2007 –
May 10, 2021
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Unbelievably Messed-Up Bible Stories: In the Beginning: Based on actual scripture from the bible, this cartoon series plans to tell “the greatest story ever told” with complete accuracy, and in chronological order.


The start

And this is the start of your funny film here i saw the second one so nice to see where it all came from some good humor here nice and smooth graphics and just overall a fun film so nice job and really do hope you make more


For the start of a comedy series based on the Bible, this is actually pretty great, funny, and true to the source material with some comedy added in. I also like how you have Adam's junk hanging in full view to the audience rather than have it censored. That notion is pretty accurate no matter how you look at it.

<deleted> responds:

Youtube made me censor it. >:(

Very funny! I love how people never seem to notice those two words above the tags. "Comedy" and "Parody". They give a subtle hint as to what will follow whenyou press play. *ahem*

im curious how he was able to name all the sea creatures and birds seeing as he had to stay in eden

You know that you can make fun of everything by adding some stupid dialogues and looking for mistakes. Remember though that Bible was written ages ago and even if the one who wrote the Genesis had a vision of some kind, he didn't have scientific words to discribe it. He also could have no vision at all and just tried to make a story with a moral. Read any mythology and see that each and every of them contain some non-scientific explanations on scientific facts.
You can tell - people still believe in these things written in the Bible, whereas they rarely believe in those contained in other mythologies. BUT even roman-catholic church says Genesis is a poem rather than an exact decription of world creation. But ye - you can lough of everything. Especially when you don't even try to understand it.


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