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At Least I'm Alive INTRO

March 28, 2007 –
January 22, 2022
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

At Least I'm Alive - the animated series, intro sequence

This intro sequence serves as a small teaser to try and get someone to pay us loads of money to produce the whole cartoon :)

Hope you like it :)

Created by:
Mandy Wong
Mat Stevens
Rory Cooke


Good luck! I hope you get sponsorship!

If you can't get a corporate sponsor, I think you should go all Kevin Smith or College University and just burn your own DVDs and sell them online. Aniboom is another possibility... but of course, it depends on how hard it is for you to produce this stuff. If it took you 2 years to produce that 1 minute demo, then yeah, you'll need corporate sponsorship for a render farm or more manpower or whatever else you need... even just the cost of living for a few years!

You don't see a bunch of cute cartoons on TV that cover advanced topics like the meaning of life and the implications of sentient artifical intelligence. That's why I don't immagine you'll attract corporate sponsorship. Don't get me wrong, I hope you do get paid! But since it's SUCH a long-shot for any show that's actually got worthwhile content, you should definitely be exploring other payment models.

Best of luck to you! This was a VERY intriguing demo!


I hope they do give you money to make a series out of that. it was great. The only bad thing is this wasn't made in flash.

good Animation

Good animation, but random

The idea is very good...

While your idea of an unlucky robot who always seems to look at the bright side is very good, the robot having emotions has become very cliche. The style needs to stay the same in cases as it tends to which very rapidly. The manga is a good style as it is very popular now in mainstream animation, but is still produced mostly in Japan then dubbed and sent over the world. While the 3D animation is becoming very popular with films and cartoons in America and Europe. While the colours provide a very bright background which suited the 2 smaller devices (robots) they still stood out being 3D which will be + points because the bright background etc. wont distract the viewer from whats going on in the story. The semioptics in the intro are very well layed out (the old woman and the robot in the background (admiring her?) on the poster+the paintbrushes in the 2 robots hands and the paint brush splats etc. on the "out of order" sign.)
The 3D section of the looping enviroment is very good though its clashes too much with different styles which leads to it being to chaotic. Overall the animation is very smooth, the quality is low (though i expect you might be putting a high quality version on your URL) my opinion would to be to make it all 3D, a 3D "anime" would be a very good idea (especially for childrens television) which would also require short 10minute animations with a short story plot and a variety of characters. There wasnt much communication in the intro. but i suggest you use either full "picture-based" communication eg. the speech bubbles with expressions in or a series of vocals or even narrations. The cartoon itself was very entertaining and reminded me of alot of animations ive seen in Japan/Korea but alot of those cartoons are making their way to European and American television, which would make it a good time to start a series in (the UK i presume) making the costs etc. a slight bit slimmer.
Best of with your series.

The idea is nice...

Very nice idea..colorfull and bright...ideal to capture the younger viewers attention. Word of advice keep the concept as simple as possible, with the color and style kept the same. By doing this shows/eps with be more managable and quicker to render/produce, this means it will be cheaper to fund and more attractive to investors. To this it will be less of a gamble to potential
broadcasters. Well done and good luck. Simon Hodgkiss,Animation Director,Pineapple2,Shepperton Studios, Uk.


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