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Night Trap

October 23, 2006 –
May 10, 2021
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

In Taco-Man's first interactive movie, you control the camera and traps. It's your job to protect Taco-Man the girls from what's lurking inside the house.

Can you catch all the bad guys and solve the case? There are multiple endings and the game plays in real time!


To get the BEST ENDING, you must save Taco-Man, the girls, and capture all 12 Leechers (in Part 2). Here's how to do it:

NOTE: In PART ONE you only have to use the trap button at the very end.

1. In PART ONE (after everyone goes to eat pizza), save Jessica in the BATHROOM by trapping the Leechers, and then immediately switch to the BEDROOM to save her again by trapping another Leecher. This will load PART TWO. If you fail to save Jessica either time, the game will end.

NOTE: PART TWO keeps a score of how many leechers you've trapped. You must trap 12 to get the best ending.

2. In PART TWO, as soon as Ben Burrito starts talking, ignore him and switch to the BEDROOM to catch the first Leecher.

3. Switch to the OUTSIDE to catch two more Leechers on the roof.

4. Switch to the LIVING ROOM and wait for Zach (Bunny) to attack Taco-Man. Otherwise, he will kill Taco-Man and the game will end.

5. Quickly switch to the OUTSIDE again and trap another two Leechers on the roof.

6. Quickly switch back to the LIVING ROOM to catch another Leecher.

7. Switch to the KITCHEN, and wait for the Leechers to attack Taco-Man and the two girls. Set off the trap to catch three Leechers.

8. Quickly switch to the LIVING ROOM, and capture another Leecher.

9. Switch to the ENTRY and wait for Sarah's father (Grandpa) to attack Ashley, and trap him. Otherwise, he will kill Ashley and the game will end. You can't trap the Mom or follow Ashley outside.

10. Quickly switch to the BATHROOM, and catch another Leecher.

11. Switch to the BEDROOM and trap the LAST Leecher.

12. Stay in the BEDROOM and trap Sarah to save Taco-Man for the BEST (NUDE) ending.

NOTE: In the BATHROOM, you can't save Meagan. You can try to trap Sarah, but it won't work.

Happy trapping!


i usely log on to new grounds and i know i will see shit like this but its a great game 10\10

is this a horror game

13 years old and still better than a lot of current games


So this was cool I like it the whole title was kind of funny and the content with traps and camera stuff was really cool made for a decent game I really had fun with this one not sure what I would improve on this one but maybe ad even more options besides that this was cool

More fun options added would be cool but what you do have is pretty creative


Why does it say "Taco Man the girls"? Shouldn't there be an "and" in there? Taco-Man looks scary with boobs. I never played the original game, but know a lot about it. I saw a lot of gameplays. Thank you for including this walkthrough!

It's so easy. Your animation style is quite distinctive. Shouldn't he have used the name Taco-Woman? Even his own wife is just called wife. While not a fan of the genre, this is still great.


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4.22 / 5.00