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Lesson of Passion: ESD XT

October 9, 2005 –
May 13, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

UPDATE: 07-02-06 10:50
Lesson of Passion 2: Black Edition is coming!

UPDATE: 17-12-05 02:05
We may all say "Big thank you!" to Seph Deathstorm, who has created FAQ.

UPDATE: 10-10-05 22:11
Following your suggestions I've included help module and decrease difficulty level.
I think it should slightly increase game play.

Lesson of Passion: Erotic Sim Date
Erotic sim date featuring Arie Giovanni

You are a young student, who want to seduce a beatiful biology teacher (Arie Giovanni).

RPG elements:
- stats (strenght, knowledge, charm and potence)
- evolve - get higher skills, get better job, earn more
- buy stuff for personal use and as a gifts for your girlfriend
- educate - write exams and don't get expeled
- live driven by passion - invite your girlfriend on dates, make erotic photo sessions and have a sex


It's a good game, but jesus fucking christ.
I've played in like 8 times now and still haven't won.
I just want to fuck! Why is this so hard?

very very gud but does any1 know any glitches??

for the guy asking about the pictures you want to kiss her after you give her the gift so you can take the picture

Critisism:_This WALKTHROUGH will help when you date Aria Giovanni. Has all of her information and will help you and make her date "Not Boring" This Game is the most realistic game OF ALL TIME!!Note when you use this walkthrough use it when you are on a date and you will figure it out quik, basicaly matching.

-Goerge clooney
-Twilight Zone

-6 years ago broke leg while shieing.
-In fitness club
-favoite is playing volleyball
-used to play tennis when she was age 12.

-hates rap
-likes 80s
-use to play piano

-affraid of horror and suspence reds books in parks.
-has read 223 books?
-reads passion books of Stephen Kings

-likes trips to out skirts.
-collects teddy bears 57 of them?
-loves shopping
-paints when shes sad

-sometimes stay at school after hours
-the university is 2nd in the country
-teaching biology is her life passion

-sometimes likes to drink wine and dance
-loves red silk underware
-Came from a village called NYSKO

-Adores leather suits
-had 12 partners in her life
-loves to play with her pussy in bath
-once made out with a girl, and liked it
-lost her virginity when she was age 14

(Her phone number: 556-123-556)

i give her a gift and i anser her questions but it won't even let me take her picture even after it says that i can now take her pic... will someone help me please


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4.14 / 5.00