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Lesson of Passion: ESD XT

October 9, 2005 –
May 13, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

UPDATE: 07-02-06 10:50
Lesson of Passion 2: Black Edition is coming!

UPDATE: 17-12-05 02:05
We may all say "Big thank you!" to Seph Deathstorm, who has created FAQ.

UPDATE: 10-10-05 22:11
Following your suggestions I've included help module and decrease difficulty level.
I think it should slightly increase game play.

Lesson of Passion: Erotic Sim Date
Erotic sim date featuring Arie Giovanni

You are a young student, who want to seduce a beatiful biology teacher (Arie Giovanni).

RPG elements:
- stats (strenght, knowledge, charm and potence)
- evolve - get higher skills, get better job, earn more
- buy stuff for personal use and as a gifts for your girlfriend
- educate - write exams and don't get expeled
- live driven by passion - invite your girlfriend on dates, make erotic photo sessions and have a sex


i cant get a good kiss in this game do u stop on yellow or red dot beat the LOP games and they were great

Excellent Dating Sim game.

awsome flash

First off, character creation. DO NOT try to create a balanced character as some skills are easier to level up than others.
Instead, I would put every point into charm - this puts you 3 tanning sessions away from one of the high paying jobs. Knowledge is cheap to level, strength is very easy with the weights and potency can be improved without using any time at all - just money, which is easy to get when you almost start off with the highest paying job available.

Onto the game. First things first, earn just enough to buy your charm to 50, than become a salesman. Pay for 2 full days of lessons to get your knowledge up, or you could fail. It is a good idea to put two days in after each test. Buy a sofa, the most important item. Then, save up for all other things. You can level potency as high as you like with a phone without taking more than 30 time - do this when you have the money. Strength needs to be 70 by the end of the game, so put in a few days of training- this is why highstarting charm is important, as it is the hardest to level. Dont waste time on the 1 point activities - the saving in money does not justify the loss of time.

Set aside a few whole days for chatting and gifting her, until you can date. Early on, the 10 xp bonus of outskirts is not worth the extra monet. Stick to park. Answer 5 questions (any more you loose mood) then give a gift then kiss. A good kiss is essential, as it will allow you to take a photo. Photos make the date - if you cannot get to sex/photo sessions, your photos are being taken wrong.
Move the camera around until a green light appears next to the viewscreen. The hold down click until the little grey bar is full. This will give mood a big boost letting you move on tp the next stage.

TO COMPLETE THE GAME, POTENCY MUST BE VERY HIGH (you will otherwise fail the last encounter)

If she is talking to you, avoid obvious dickhead lines, or she'll kick you. When you need to do something onscreen, look for icnons. Lips appear, do a well-timed kiss. Hands apper, click and drag across the area until the red circle of dots iis complete. Eventually, you'll get down to the act. Waggle your mouse around over the dick until superclimax happens.

Keep on moving up, eventually you marry her

greatgame and is it my but does the teacher at times remind you ofangilina jolie


Stats, Info & More

4.14 / 5.00