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Lesson of Passion: ESD XT

October 9, 2005 –
May 13, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

UPDATE: 07-02-06 10:50
Lesson of Passion 2: Black Edition is coming!

UPDATE: 17-12-05 02:05
We may all say "Big thank you!" to Seph Deathstorm, who has created FAQ.

UPDATE: 10-10-05 22:11
Following your suggestions I've included help module and decrease difficulty level.
I think it should slightly increase game play.

Lesson of Passion: Erotic Sim Date
Erotic sim date featuring Arie Giovanni

You are a young student, who want to seduce a beatiful biology teacher (Arie Giovanni).

RPG elements:
- stats (strenght, knowledge, charm and potence)
- evolve - get higher skills, get better job, earn more
- buy stuff for personal use and as a gifts for your girlfriend
- educate - write exams and don't get expeled
- live driven by passion - invite your girlfriend on dates, make erotic photo sessions and have a sex


After playing couple of times manage to fuck Arie in day 80 and finished the game in day 89.


# Start with education point 27
# Earn money working as bartender
# Increase your CHARM point
# Don't waste money buying expensive gifts
# Buy the COUCH as soon as possible
# Visit park and chat with Arie until you reach level 5
# Date with Arie more in park and reach to level 7 quickly
# Earn and buy accessories
# increase your Potence, Strength, Charm and Knowledge
# Use your BRAIN in dates

Hope that will be helpful. Thanks :)

It is great but it needs a save button!

-Goerge clooney
-Twilight Zone
-6 years ago broke leg while shieing.
-In fitness club
-favoite is playing volleyball
-used to play tennis when she was age 12.
-hates rap
-likes 80s
-use to play piano
-affraid of horror and suspence reds books in parks.
-has read 223 books?
-reads passion books of Stephen Kings
-likes trips to out skirts.
-collects teddy bears 57 of them?
-loves shopping
-paints when shes sad
-sometimes stay at school after hours
-the university is 2nd in the country
-teaching biology is her life passion
-sometimes likes to drink wine and dance
-loves red silk underware
-Came from a village called NYSKO
-Adores leather suits
-had 12 partners in her life
-loves to play with her pussy in bath
-once made out with a girl, and liked it
-lost her virginity when she was age 14

(Her phone number: 556-123-556)

Its okay because its too hard to fuck the teacher.

that looked like a good comic


Stats, Info & More

4.14 / 5.00