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LL - Lockbuster

August 30, 2005 –
March 16, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

9-Ball lets 6-Ball look after the store while he's gone. Bad move.


that' was the biggest buzzkill ever.. i can't believe you made that... whoever likes this isn't high

I like the animation flow. Good voice acting and timing to the flick. Is like a shortened version of Clerks.

i dont really understand the whole clock and lock thing but still i like to watch them and they make me laugh.


THis was a nice series to get involved in. It looks like it has promise and will be something to stay hooked on. Im definetly bookmarking this and will be looking forward to chapter 2 and the others.


Here is a perfect reason why i actually appreciate the Lock Legion. You guys, while there are some off occasions where the submission isnt great, you always seem to make up for it with a great one. With the clocks, that almost never happens. In other words you guys actually seem to care about what you do much more than they do,and i praise you for that. Here is my review.

The graphics as they usually are with the LockLegion were awesome. I say this every great lock submission and i will say it again: I love the smooth colourful drawing style of the lock legion. It is always fun to see what you do with yoru various, yet similar animating styles. The animation is another signature, its always smooth, and seems to have quite a bit of effort in it. The style of this movie was great in every way except one. It was just too short, its a shame because i liked what i saw. This was great for a first submission with the locklegion. You are another author who seems to care about what youre doing and the locks definitely could use you. The sound was great in this too, nice voices and funny sound effects. Solid overall. The humour was good in this as well, if it was longer im sure there would be more jokes though.

Overall this was another great lock legion movie. If i ever get good at flash i will join you guys. Until then i will continue to enjoy your many great movies. Keep it up guys!!
~Two thumbs up. 4/5


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3.97 / 5.00