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all my naked cam-girls!

July 20, 2001 –
December 22, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

yhea! this is a tribute to all my favourites cam girls! naked or not!
this is not porno... it's just a funny softcore...



listen to the song.. shut the fuck up... let the man do his thing.. hell it really wasn't that bad.. at least not as bad as some of the sorry shit i see out there

whoever's responsible.. 47 or more chromosomes.. bad bad bad.. gimp bizkit first off.. terrible.. that's the icon of low class ignoramuses cruising down the street where all the rednecks go on friday night.Second off what the fuck kind of human being would actually be finding these girls.. pornography is ok... going and watching some chick on the internet enough for them to become a favorite of yours is bad.. you have TOO many favorite camera girls not to watch it alot. Third I agree with arrogancy this will be the downfall of everything holy and sacred about this site.. I even think assassin is reaching some low points.I would like to propose that we just simply let stupid people like this plug their flash movies on the site.. we find them kill them and take their movies/computers and set them aflame.. mass genocide

If there was EVER a statement into the reason why this site sucks, THIS is it. I look at the top 5 of today, and see a "flash movie" (and I use that term loosely) of someone's "favorite camgirls." It's bad enough that all the "movie" is is a bunch of pictures, but the worst part could be the fact that his favorite camgirls are some of the ugliest, nastiest ones (Verotika?!).

This site is a great ideas, and showcases some good every once in a while - but Tom has attracted the lowest common denominator and THEY are who rule the site. A sad statement on the state of the Internet.

well nice music , but theres no point in sitting and watching tose webcam pics , try to make some ideas for your next flash , so it willl be better, it was kinda worthless..


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