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Newgrounds: Our Elite Panel of Voters

Every month, Newgrounds receives thousands of submissions. Of these, only a few thousand aren't deleted, or blammed, by low scores. Every day, five daily winners are selected based on user votes and additional submissions are manually selected to appear on the front page.

At the end of the month, these daily winners and front page features become the pool of nominees for the monthly award. A panel of judges has four days at the beginning of the new month to vote for their five favorite submissions from the previous month's pool of nominees.

So who are these judges? Currently, the panel consists of the top 2,000 ranking Newgrounds members, based on experience points, who were active within the past month. We think these long-term users have earned the right to be involved in such an important process. The panel of judges doesn't stop with those 2,000 users, however. Every nominated artist is also allowed to vote. For submissions with multiple authors, only the author who submitted the file is eligible. Additionally, site moderators are also invited to this panel of judges.

If you are eligible to vote you will see a special link on your account page. Log in during the first four days of the month to see if you are part of the panel!

Each panel member only gets to vote once per month. At the end of the four day voting period the results are tallied and five winners are selected. These winners each receive $250 and other goodies we have lying around!