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   Rants & Raves

  • Creative Youth
    A Newgrounds fan challenges the users to go a step beyond catering to the mass-media during our Bin Laden coverage. What do you think?

  • Disney's Atlantis
    Disney's "original" film Atlantis is a rip-off of Nadia, a Japanese series from 1990! You'll never hear ABC report on this one!

  • Sticky Mouse Traps
    Once part of the Portal, I have moved it here, since no Flash is involved. Still entertaining, however!

  • Teen Drinking Study
    Back when I started NG Lit, I had prepared this little critique of a study involving teen alcohol use. I never bothered posting it until now, although it is pretty interesting.

  • MTV
    The guys who think they dictate what is "cool" tried to do something right for once - hire my services. But that would have actually made them cool, so they scrapped the idea.

  • Downtime
    Newgrounds was off-line for the month of January. Why, you ask? Wasn't my fault! Read this story about the people who are getting rich while providing me with bad service and no alternatives.