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Newgrounds Literature

Over the years, I've occasionally posted little journalistic pieces that don't belong anywhere else on the site. A lot of this is biographical, but it's mostly relevant to Newgrounds, in one way or another.


  • Weird Al Encounter Read about how NG contributor Daniel Rocha met Weird Al as a result of his submission to the site!
  • Independent Games Festival 2006 Dad 'n Me won the award for best web game at this annual competition!
  • Comic-Con 2006 We unveiled the latest demo of Castle Crashers while continuing to meet fans of Newgrounds and the Behemoth!
  • Penny Arcade Expo 2006 We continued to showcase demos of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid for XBOX 360 Live Arcade!


  • Office We got an office in October of 2005!
  • Slamdance John and I went to Slamdance, where Alien Hominid was part of the Independent Games Competition!
  • London I went to London to visit James for the weekend!
  • Independent Games Festival 2005 The Alien Hominid team made an appearance at the IGF in San Francisco and won some awards!
  • South by Southwest I spoke at SXSW in Austin, Texas!
  • NG Mod Meetup A whole bunch of forum moderators decended on Philly for a weekend of fun!
  • Comic-Con Our third year at Comic-Con, where we sold Alien Hominid and introduced our new console game!


  • Comic-Con Our second year at Comic-Con, showcasing the unfinished console version of Alien Hominid!



  • Tromadance Troma brought me to Utah for Tromadance. Read all about how cool the trip was, and how lame Sundance is!
  • NG Party #1 Newgrounds threw its first party at the Trocadero here in Philly - read all about it, and check out the pics!
  • House of Horrors Living in West Philly isn't as glamorous as you would think. Read about the bums who shit on the side of our house.
  • April Fools w/ Marty On April 1st, 2000, we played a prank on the newgrounds visitors. I'm building an archive of all the funny feedback we received from angry fans. Come check it out!
  • VoyeurBus What happens when a see-through bus pulls up in front of my house? Read this to find out!
  • Office Tour A tour of the Newgrounds office from this time period.
  • Sherbert Cute pictures of the official Cat Dynamics mascot.


  • London The sights, the smells - the surprising lack of fecal matter. Read about my trip to London!
  • Los Angeles Read all about my trip to LA, including my visit to the Playboy Mansion and my acting debut!

Newgrounds Hate Mail

  • Assassin Some people don't think it's right to endorse celebrity killing. These wackos think it's a bad influence! Come laugh at their stupidity.
  • Columbine Some kids shoot up a school and people start pointing the finger. I'm sure these same people are off protesting something new by now.
  • Club a Seal Make a club where you beat on defenseless critters, and people complain. What's this world coming to?!